Join the fun and help your community!


The HRVHS Booster Board meets monthly to keep up with the school, coaches, administrators and students' needs. We identify where there are limitations to participation and determine what support we can offer.


Our meetings include parents who participate on sub-committees or who would like to be involved to get their feedback and get programs into action.

Committees include but are not limited to: Scholarship, FUN-draising, Public Relations, and more. Please consider visiting a meeting and seeing where you would like to contribute!


We are in constant need of energetic individuals eager to support our community. If you are interested in joining the Board for the 2021-2022 school year please apply. Booster members will vote in the new board.




The 2020-2021 Booster Board

Erica Gerald, President

Miko Ruhlen, Vice-President

Darla Kroll, Secretary

Jen Sohler, Treasurer

Megan Spears, Membership

Susan Frost, Merchandise

Mary Bokovoy, Public Relations