The strength and success of the HRV Booster Club depends on the support we receive from individuals, HRV alumni and the business community. The money raised through our fundraisers such as our membership drive significantly add to the quality of our athletic and school-wide programs. 

​Help make a difference by joining HRV Boosters today!
“What is the 360o promise?” Your HRV Booster Club is working towards improving the relationship between our business community and our high school. So our business members will receive a promise that HRVBC will support your business, not just with our advertising opportunities listed above. We also will utilize your services or frequent your store or restaurant. We will encourage our entire community to stay and shop local.
Pay online below for your membership of choice and email your contact information to hrvhsboosterclub@gmail.comChoose a membership level below:
Foundation $10
Pride $100
Spirit $250
Bronze $500
Silver $1000
Golden Eagle $5000
The print application has details on the benefits of each level of membership.

You can also print and mail your application and check to

HRV Boosters PO Box 366 Hood river Oregon 97031.

The Benefits of Being a Booster

We are grateful for your interest in joining HRV's 150+ member strong Boosters. We are a group of individual parents, grandparents, community members and business supporters.

Tax Deduction

Your Sponsorship is Tax Deductible.

Vote on Board Members

Each Booster elects Booster Board Members.


As a Booster, your student is eligible to apply for the Booster College Scholarship as a senior.

Business Booster Marketing & Support

Our business members will receive advertising on our facebook and instagram pages and this website. We will also utilize your services or frequent your store or restaurant. We will encourage our entire community to stay and shop local.

No More Asks

You will also receive a sponsorship decal for your storefront sharing your commitment to your patrons. This will also serve to show you have already committed funds so other student fundraisers will not approach you for additional donations.​

Volunteering Good Vibes

As a parent of an HRVHS student, you will have the opportunity, if you would like and are able, to volunteer for the high school through Booster club activities and subcommittees. Beyond knowing you are making a difference in the life of our local students, you are also strengthening families and the community as a whole.