The Process

Booster Club Executive Board requires all Requests for Funds to be submitted one week prior to an executive board meeting (the monthly meeting). During the meeting, requestors are granted 2-5 minutes to present their request. Either the coach/advisor or student(s) may present the request. Once approved, a check will be delivered to the HRVHS Bookkeeper to be deposited in your sport/club account unless other instructions are specified.

Our Main Criteria for Requests

  • Must be a FUTURE need

  • Must reflect our mission statement 

  • Not for classroom improvements or funds for recognition

  • Must benefit the whole team, group, or club rather than an individual

Timing of Requests

Once a year Primary Requests

  • Can be for any amount of money

  • Must be submitted a week prior to the March Booster Club monthly meeting

  • Must be presented at the March meeting

  • Will be decided upon within 45 days

Non-forecasted Requests

  • Cannot exceed $500

  • During the academic calendar year

Thank you for your request. After you apply we will respond with a confirming email and more information.