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The Process
  1. Submit a Requests for Funds via the link here

  2.  Funding periods are two times per year and can be for any amount: Fall and Spring.

  3. Attend the review meeting and present your request, answer questions, etc. It is wonderful to have the students do the presenting. 

  4. We will email you with the RFF Review Meeting time and date. 

  5. Once approved, a check will be delivered to the HRVHS Bookkeeper to be deposited in your sport/club account unless other instructions are specified.

Our Main Criteria for Requests

  • Must fund a FUTURE need

  • Not for classroom improvements, food, parties or funds for recognition

  • Must benefit the whole team, group, or club rather than an individual

  • Boosters highly appreciates groups who recognize the importance of giving back... Boosters needs parents, students and staff support. If we help each other, we are all better for it! (In other words, send us parent volunteers and team delegates, students, step up to help at concessions or the eagles nest... you get it!)

Request Types

Fall: Any Amount
Sprint: Any Amount



Submission Process

Submissions will be reviewed in accordance with all Request for Funds (RFF) Policies. Anything submitted that does not meet the Booster Mission, Guidelines or Submission Requirements may be rejected. Please make sure you read through the guidelines carefully.

- The Booster Club Executive Board requires all RFFs to be submitted one week prior to an executive board meeting.
- During the meeting, requestors will be granted 2-5 minutes to present their request.
- The Executive Board is obligated to provide a response within 45 days of the presentation unless unforeseen circumstances arise.
- The RFF procedure may be reviewed and updated annually by the Executive Board to reflect current needs and issues that may arise.        
- The Booster Club is committed to supporting the entire student body through the RFF process and will consider all requests that benefit a whole team, group, or club rather than just an individual.
- The Booster Club grants funds for future needs, not past purchases.
- The Booster Club will grant funds that reflect the Mission Statement and Booster Club Bylaws.
- The Booster Club will not approve funds for classroom improvements.
- The Booster Club requires requestors to check with department heads, coaches, or other pertinent supervisors prior to requesting or receiving funds to make sure funds are not already in the budget or covered by other grants or fees. Bids or estimates from vendors should be included with all documentation.
- Title IX considerations for equity and issues of inclusivity may need to be vetted through the appropriate school administrator before final approval.
- The Booster Club Executive Board reserves the right to make exceptions to these criteria when considering funding requests.
- The Booster Club may require direct payment of funds to vendors when feasible, or require proof of purchases for expenses.
- If the request is granted, the Booster Club requests a photo of the event or activity or resource to post on social media to promote booster club supported activities.

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